Culinary Customs Throughout India

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Indian Cuisine

When it comes to the food in India, it is as varied as the customs of this old cultural capital and most Indian dishes are related to different cuisines in the world. There are interesting ethnological and anthropological aspects such as the way geography or religion, but even weather has influenced the food in this amazing country as in some areas people would believe they are in a different country if they were only to taste the food. While some parts of India are completely vegetarian, other parts, like fishing villages and cities, have a lot of meaty dishes. When it comes to the weather, there are areas where the it can be really hot so the locals are enjoying food that is a bit lighter while in parts where the weather can be very chilly locals have traditional foods that are more rich in meat and fast and tend to be heavier. Fortunately, the use of spices is the same in all India so people who are traveling there are able to taste what is called the flavor of this country as they usually have similar herbs in their food.

When it comes to customs while serving the food, Indian culture comes with a lot of sauces. There are various tastes in the sauces and usually accompany most of the foods. Another traditional way of preparing foods involves cooking for an entire day as some of their dishes require special attention and a lot of time to cut and prepare the elements in them. This requires a great deal of skill and patience so if you are looking into Indian cuisine you should know that you will need those to make great food.

There are interesting regions in India, like Bombay, where the customs regarding food preparation and dishes are complete, as this city has both north and south influences. They eat a lot of fish and meat but they also eat rice and wheat. What’s interesting is the fact that there are even Portuguese influences in India as this country never fails to impress its travelers with its colorful culture and flavors.

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