Indian Foods You Will Love

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India is renowned for its various types of dishes, but there are some dishes that require to be made with special care as they are usually done only during festivities or holiday celebration. If you were thinking that you should start cooking Indian dishes, these are some of the special foods that you should cook to impress your friends or to have a traditional Indian meal that is both healthy and savory.

One of the most important festivals in India is called Diwali and it also comes with some interesting customs such as paying old debts or cleaning the house spotless. However, on Diwali people also cook special food that is rich in meat and flavors. Sweets such as Ladhu or Barfi are sold but people also make them at home and bring them to their relatives. Most of the sweets made during this holiday are cooked with savory ingredients such as rose water, almonds, sugar and cinnamon.

During holidays there are also some important foods serves such as Tamatar Salat, which is a special salad made with lots of onions and mint. This combines the tangy taste of mint which makes the freshness of the other ingredients stand out. It can be served with various dishes made with meat, fish and even with other vegetables.

Kheer is a also a dessert that is served during holidays and it’s made with basmati rice, milk, raisins, sugar and cardamom. It tastes great and it can be served both hot or cold; you can even add some cinnamon if you like.

Another interesting celebration that comes in spring is Holi. During this festive time, people drink bhang, which is a tasty beverage made with yogurt and eat halwa cakes that are made with a lot of butter and sugar.

It’s safe to say that India has some of the most interesting foods on the planet and it has great influenced many cultures with its flavors and ways of cooking ingredients. There are so many tastes of India that people who usually start cooking Indian food or get interested in Indian cuisine often feel confused with all the variety.

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