Herbs Used in Indian Cuisine

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Curry powder

The Indian cuisine is one of the most interesting types of cuisine in the world. They use varied ingredients and a wide array of herbs that make for most of their foods because they give it a really unique taste. The herbs give flavor and fragrance but they also help some of the dishes look good as they are used to give color, especially herbs like saffron or cardamom. If you want to make sure that you impress everybody with your exotic cooking skills, using Indian herbs and making some of the traditional Indian dishes is definitely the key.

An interesting fact about Indian cuisine is the fact that it is extremely old and tasty as it dates back 4000 years ago. The beautiful thing about Indian cooking is the fact that it extremely diverse and you can find a lot of different dishes throughout the country.

Some herbs like asafetida are used throughout the Middle East but there are influences from Jainism like the use of black pepper.  Curry powder or garam masala are great for dishes that contain meat, fish or pickles. Don’t forget about using cardamom which is essential in Indian cuisine as it is also called the Queen of Spices.

A big part of Indian cuisine is famous for being extremely spicy as they use a lot of chili pepper and actually have various types of chili peppers to work with, some are just for flavor while others are used for the hotness. They also use cinnamon for a lot of their dishes, both deserts and main courses.

Coriander and cumin are two plants that are extremely famous in Indian cuisine and they are often used both in salads and meaty dishes. One of the most famous Indian spices is definitely curry and it has a particular aroma to it, easily recognizable by anybody.

Other renowned herbs for Indian cuisine are garlic, mint or nutmeg, which are used throughout India for their potent aromas. Indian food is definitely distinguishable and one of the tastiest foods on the globe so if you have the opportunity either to taste it or to make it, make sure that you take it.

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